Monday, January 25, 2016

Problem with roots in Word 2007 Equation Editor [Anwsered]

Problem with roots in Word 2007 Equation Editor

I've noticed a number of apparent glitches in Word 2007's built-in equation editor; here's the first one: When I create a root (square or otherwise) there is sometimes too much "headroom" between the radicand (the expression inside the radical) and the
radical symbol.
In other words, there is a noticeable gap between My Sound Getting Low While I Am Surfing The Internet the radicand and AutoCorrect Options the horizontal bar of the radical, and this gap is absent in most radical expression.
This problem only happens when the radicand is a fraction, and when recuperar fotos tarjeta it is a word.
anybody know how to remove the gap?  Thanks.

Keys to the Problem Problem with roots in Word 2007 Equation Editor

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Shut down the software which are running in the background - Problem with roots in Word 2007 Equation Editor

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Reinstall your Windows

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- Lupe Loftin. Feb.3rd

Another Safe way to Fix the problem: Problem with roots in Word 2007 Equation Editor:

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